Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Water is a fundamental human right

I've posted about this before ... and reading on Wired has me stirred all over again. Water is essential to human life, and every human born of this planet should be guaranteed enough water to live. It's just as important, or more important than freedom and free speech -- rights that we hold dear in the West and wouldn't debate for a minute, our inalienable access to those rights. Yet, why are we so fucking ignorant when it comes to a right that is fundamental to human life? Why then have we allowed water privatization schemes to continue?

The United States and Canada are especially guilty of running interference to UN declarations that would strengthen international recognition for this right. Countries around the world continue to horde drinking water for various industrial uses rather than ensuring their population's access to life. It will only take the deaths of millions and the danger of a revolution before we wake and do something about this.


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