Sunday, December 27, 2009

Me to We style

My "What would David Suzuki do?" t-shirt came from Me to We Style. Other than being cool and wearing Suzuki's mug plastered on my chest, I'm also wearing a t-shirt that boasts,
- Sweatshop free manufacturing
- Eco friendly fabrics
- 50% of the profits to Free the Children
- You buy a tee and we will plant a tree

"Our mission at Me to We Style is to empower consumers to make purchasing decisions that lead to a better life for people around the world. By manufacturing our clothing in Canadian factories that pay adult workers a fair wage, we ensure that parents make enough to care for themselves and their children. By using organic cotton, we ensure that toxic chemicals aren't harming people, animals or the earth we share. And by donating 50 per cent of our profits to Free The Children, we ensure that a better life is created for children and their families in rural and impoverished areas across the globe."
Totally cool. Thanks Miss V, for the present.

in reference to: Me to We Style (view on Google Sidewiki)


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