Sunday, March 14, 2010

Minorities to take over

Bwah-ha-ha-ha! It's the end of the -- uh -- white Canada? StatsCan has projected that by 2031, the visible minority population will rise to one-third of Canada's population. And that has got the good ole boys and girls raging mad. Forget the wealth these new Canadians generate. Forget that Canada is a country of immigrants. Forget that immigrants will be slaving away to pay for social security when the boomers are out on the pasture. Forget all the facts as to why Canada needs immigration. Facts don't deter from irrational fear of the unknown and change.

Just read some of the comments on the CBC article -- and for a good dose of fear, check out this thread in the CanChan (be forewarned -- chans tend to be nsfw). I'm already shaking in my boots -- and as of this moment, I'm avoiding any Canadian city, town or village with a minority population smaller than 10%.

in reference to: CBC News - Canada - Minorities to rise significantly by 2031: StatsCan (view on Google Sidewiki)


  1. These immigrants are worthless pieces of shit, that should die. They contribute nothing to society. It's like a dark shit stain on white skn that you can't get rid of. They're fucking lucky we even allowed them into this country.

    Baby boomer children and their children will continue and rise the population you fucking retard.


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