Sunday, March 21, 2010

We're morons

The collective "we" that is -- you may not be a moron (although, if you choose to not have a choice, you're a moron in my book). That's the suggestion from Ian Brown in the Globe and Mail, in reference to Canadians apparent preference for Stephen Harper in latest Ekos poll. Apparently, Harper has a "macho, emotional image" which really is a turn-on for the general voter -- who are turned-off by the intellectual image of Michael Ignatieff.

Yes, in general, the country is populated by morons. They prefer the man who has no doubts about what he's doing, because that makes them think he does know what he's doing. In fact, 86% of the morons believe that his political decisions are based on reason.

WTF is wrong with you people? Courage isn't the only trait needed in a leader -- and I'm using that word liberally in reference to Harper. How about a little intelligence? Intelligence to know that you don't always have all the answers? That sometimes you need to rely on experts -- and you need to heed them -- despite a personal preference. You know, the same strengths that make us all go ga-ga over Obama.

Sigh. People can be morons. Then they vote.

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in reference to:

"As a matching crock to the impression Mr. Harper gives that he's never wrong, 86 per cent of Canadians believe their political decisions are based entirely on reason. "Men over 45 seem to think we live on Vulcan, that we're all like Spock," Frank Graves, the Ekos pollster, told me. "And there's a bit of Klingon, too, because we think courage is the most important trait in a politician.""
- We're Canadians, not Vulcans - The Globe and Mail (view on Google Sidewiki)


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