Sunday, April 04, 2010

Israeli journalists need Wikileaks

The fact that the IDF goes around killing indiscriminately when operating in Palestine, is no new news. It happens -- not necessarily widespread -- but it happens. That top Israeli commanders would order their soldiers to shoot certain people on-site, is not new -- heck, Mossad went to great lengths to assassinate a Hamas official in Dubai. This shit happens.

Of course, having it happen, and pretending that it's all rumour, is quite different than having proof that it has happened, and that it was premeditated. That's the case right now with an Israeli journalist, Anat Kamm, under house arrest, for reporting on state secrets that would reveal Israeli commanders to have ordered shooting on-site of top Palestinian fighters in the West Bank.

There are those that would argue that the publishing of state secrets is a crime -- should be punished, and should be prevented. But, in a practising democracy, where is the line drawn between what the citizens are allowed to know -- and what they should trust their government for knowing what's good for them? Why should a government hide its actions from its own people? Unless there is an imminent military operation that would be put in jeopardy, the only reason a state would have to hide something, is if it was illegal and would cause embarrassment. The only reason to hide the truth, would be to protect individuals who operate on behalf of the people. It's wrong, no matter where it is practised.

in reference to:

"Specifically, Blau’s article cited a confidential defense ministry document from March 2007 which included an order from Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh, then Israel’s senior commander in the West Bank, permitting the IDF to shoot three top Islamic Jihad members even if they did not pose a clear and present danger."
- Israel's Censorship Scandal - Page 1 - The Daily Beast (view on Google Sidewiki)


  1. you dont know what youre talking about and its kind of sad cause someone may listen


  3. Western colonialists, Israel is not your business


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